Dynamed Pharmaceuticals is a fast growing pharma company in India with a wide global footprint. They are the manufacturers of a wide range of pharmaceutical products under state of art manufacturing criteria.

  Address: Dynamed Pharmaceuticals, No. 11-13-891/A,
Road No. 2, Green Hills Colony, Hyderabad – 500035

  • +91 9000697919
  • dynamedmarketing@gmail.com

Lee Health Domain India

Lee Health Domain India Pvt. Ltd. is a Hyderabad based Indian Pharmaceutical distribution and sales company specializing in the marketing of Ethical and PCD (Propaganda Cum Distribution) of proprietary branded nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals.

  Address: Survey No. 257 & 258/1, Door No. 11-6/56-C, Moosapet, Balangar (Post) Hydrabad – 500 037

  • +91 4066170334
  • info@leehealthdomain.com
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Natco Pharma Limited

Natco Pharma Limited has a market and distributes our products in over 40 countries. They sell FDF products in the United States, India, Europe and the rest of the world (“RoW”). They also operate in certain key geographies through our subsidiaries.

  Address: Natco House, Road No.2, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad-500 034, India

  • +91 4023547532
  •  natinfo@ natcopharma. co. in
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Alka Pharmaceuticals

Alka Pharmaceuticals has grown to become one of India’s most respected pharmaceutical companies. It is committed to delivering better health through superior products.

  Address: 4-114/31/1, Ravinder Nagar,Hyderabad-500013, Andhra Pradesh, India

  • +91 4027201245
  •  Alkapharma04@gmail.com

Qualitek pharma

Qualitek pharma is the one of selected few companies in India with dedicated state of art facilities for producing best quality Sustained and Modified Release Pellets, Taste Masked Granules. Qualitek pharma was established in the year 2005.

  Address: 401, Durga Residency, Plot No.8, Mytri Nagar, Kukatpally, Hyderabad.-500072

  • +91 4065987518
  • info@qualitekpharma.com

Gland Pharma Limited

Gland Pharma has a wide range of injectables, including vials, ampoules, pre-filled syringes, lyophilized vials, dry powders, infusions and ophthalmic solutions.

  Address: Gland Pharma Limited, 6-3-865/1/2, Greenland Apartments, Ameerpet, Hyderabad – 500016, India

  • +91 4030510999
  • gland@glandpharma.com

Suraksha Pharma

Suraksha Pharma Pvt., Ltd., is a quality driven pharmaceutical manufacturer with a mission to lead the society towards a healthier domain.

  Address: 8-3-898/5, Suraksha Towers, Sarada college lane, Road No. 8,Nagarjuna Nagar Colony, Ameerpet, Hyderabad – 500073. INDIA.

  • +91 4066745701
  • info@surakshapharma.com


With an aim to establish its products in various parts of the world SAIN MEDICAMENTS PVT.LTD has set up a full-fledged ISO and GMP certified manufacturing unit situated at HYDERABAD (INDIA).

  Address: 10, H.V.E.S, Building Complex, Kandaswamy Lane, Sultan Bazar Hyderabad-500029, Andhra Pradesh, India

  • +91 4024752339
  •  info@saingroup.com
Systemic Healthcare

Systemic Healthcare

Systemic Healthcare was founded in 1960 at Hyderabad by a visionary, PVN Raju, who has always thought far ahead of his time.

  Address: 2nd Floor, Block A, Suryalok Complex, King Koti Rd, Hyderabad, Telangana 500001

  • +91 402320270
  •  systemic@healthcare.com
Vista Pharmaceuticals

Vista Pharmaceuticals

Vista Pharmaceuticals was founded in 1992 to Formulate, Register, Produce, Market and Distribute HHigh-QualityPharmaceutical Products, initially focusing on the United States Market with a Vision of expanding Globally.

  Address: 7-1-212/A/70, Plot # 85,Shivbagh, Ameerpet,Hyderabad-500 016, Andhra Pradesh, India

  • +91 4065581585
  • admin.hyd@vistapharmaceuticals.com

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